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The Sanity Days represent a forging of the talents of a formidable range of experienced musicians from genres across the metal scene.


Steve Grimmett (vocals) is best known as the frontman in legendary metal bands Grim Reaper and Lionsheart.  Grimmett also sang on Onslaught’s most commercially successfully album.  Grim Reaper achieved major success with three highly-acclaimed studio albums, along with major MTV video rotation.  Grimmett also sang and fronted the video for Garmin Communications’ 2007 USA Super bowl XLI television commercial.


The rest of the band comprises former Onslaught members, including co-founder Steve Grice, who played drums on all releases until his departure in 2011.  Jase Stallard, who played bass on Power From Hell and guitar on The Force, provides bass duties, while guitars are handled by Al Jordan, who played lead guitar on Onslaught’s comeback release (2007’s Killing Peace).


To date, The Sanity Days have played various shows around the globe, including several headline gigs in South America followed by a headline show in Tokyo, along with a series of European festival dates.  Some of these shows showcased tracks from the forthcoming album, such as “My Demon Mind” and “The Edge”, both of which received highly positive  feedback from the audience.


The Sanity Days’ debut album has now hit the shelves. A mixture of dark, metallic, spine-chilling riffs, topped with melodic, haunting vocal melodies, soaring over thunderous drums and driving bass. Some great reviews can be seen in News.


The album features 100% original material and includes a track called “Ruler of Eternity”, a Sabbath-esque monolith dedicated to the achievements without peer of legendary rock vocalist Ronnie James Dio.


The band were very much looking forward to working with Candlelight Records and taking the new album out on the road for a series of never-to-be-forgotten live performances. This has been put on hold for the sad news of guitarist Al Jordan was diagnosed with Cancer just two weeks before the albums release date. Almost a year on and Al is now Cancer free but still recovering from an early op infection. Al is recovering well and 2016 may see The Sanity Days at a long awaited show after a showless spell of almost three years.

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