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Steve Grice

Steve Grice, former drummer and founding member of the British thrash pioneers ONSLAUGHT,  launched this project called THE SANITY DAYS.


Commented Grice:

"What is great about this lineup is it not only features two original members but the vocalist from the ONSLAUGHT's biggest-selling album.

"Alan completes the lineup with his excellent guitarist skills, superb stage presence and instant likeability factor."


He added, "We wanted to put a band together of real people. These are people who I have a lot of time for, [who] great attitudes and [are] really down-to-earth honest people. That's important to me — integrity and trust need to be the key ingredient to hold a band together, and if the band doesn't have that, it will fail."


"Our intention is to play as many shows as we can in an 18-month-or-so window and take it from there.


"We are currently working on the final plans to play several well-known festivals along with what will be the biggest and most exciting show I have ever played on.


"THE SANITY DAYS will be together for a limited period only — we don't intend on playing for the sake of it; no clubs or pubs, just the real deal — so keep your eyes open and grab a piece of old-school thrash metal near you soon!"


Steve Gri






Power From Hell (1985)

The Force (1986)

Hell in Copenhagen (1987) [Bootleg Album]

In Search of Sanity (1989)

Killing Peace (2007)

Shadow of Death (2008) [Compilation of early demos]

Live Damnation (2009) [Live Album]

Sounds Of Violence (2011)



"Let There Be Rock" (1987) (AC/DC cover) originally released on Music For Nations.

"Let There Be Rock" (1989) (AC/DC cover) re-recorded and released on London records.

"Welcome to Dying" (1989) London records.

"Shellshock" (1989) London records

"Bomber (Motorhead cover)/ The Sound Of Violence" (17th Dec 2010) Bomber features Phil Campbell from Motorhead on guitar and Tom Angelripper from German thrashers Sodom on vocals. The Sound Of Violence is taken from the AFM album Sounds Of Violence.



Eindoven Live (1986)

Live Polish Assault (2007)


The Sanity Days

Evil Beyond Belief (2015)

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