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Power From Hell


In 1984, Jase Stallard replaced Paul Davis in the band Onslaught. The band started to write more heavy metal-oriented songs than their original punk sound. This was mainly influenced by the early releases of thrash metal bands, albeit with a darker sound. The band signed to Children of the Revolution Records, and the band released their debut album, Power From Hell, in 1985 as a result. As with other metal bands of the time, the lyrics were often Satanic, and the now iconic cover showed a demon emerging from a pentagram.


The Force


In late 1985, Sy Keeler joined the band, who assumed the duty of members of Paul Mahoney. Mahoney retained his place in the band, but He took over bass duties from Jase Stallard, who in turn assumed the role of rhythm guitarist, giving the band a second guitarist. During the first months of 1986, the new line is ready to record their second album, The Force, in a recording studio in London. The album was released in the spring of that year through the label Under One Flag. The album was much more successful than Power From Hell, and is considered a classic by many critics and fanzines. Paul Mahoney, citing personal reasons, left the band later in 1986 and was replaced by James Hinder.


In Search Of Sanity


The band were aiming for a more polished sound and production, hence the need for a more polished vocalist and guitarist. The band dismissed Jase Stallard and Sy Keeler. They replaced Jase with Rob Trotman and Sy with Steve Grimmett, formerly of N.W.O.B.H.M. act Grim Reaper. Using this line up, they set out to write more material for a third studio album. Having drawn the attention of London Records, the label signed the band. In mid 1988, the band began to start recording In Search of Sanity, their third album. Owing to this development, the release of the album was delayed until the summer of 1989. Following the success of The Force, and with an accomplished new singer, there was much pre-release publicity. The album, In Search of Sanity, had a much different sound than previous Onslaught releases.

Jase Stallard

Jase then went on and joined Bristol Punk band 'The Bolsheviks' with ex- Rout members guitarist Mike 'Louie' Lewis and drummer Mark Austin making up the quartet was 'Prozac' Bob from 'Misdemeanor' who done a lengthy tour with 'The Boomtown Rats' and 'Midge Ure'.

The Bolsheviks gigged with acts like 'The Damned', 999 and UK Subs and have released two studio albums, 'Nuclear Dogs' and 'Action Reaction' with vocalist Paul Lux and bassist Lee Viks.







Power From Hell (1985)

The Force (1986)

Hell in Copenhagen (1987) [Bootleg album]

Shadow of Death (2008) [Compilation of early demos]



Eindoven Live (1986)



The Sanity Days



Evil Beyond Belief (2015)

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