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Steve Grimmett is a heavy metal vocalist who began his career in the era of New Wave of British Heavy Metal. His original band was the short-lived Medusa, before he became known as the lead vocalist for Grim Reaper. Grimmett later featured in Onslaught for a brief period, before forming Lionsheart and in more recent times, The Steve Grimmett Band, and GrimmStine.


Grim Reaper achieved major success worldwide with three highly acclaimed studio albums along with single releases and MTV airplay. After Grim Reaper came a brief spell with Onslaught, with a debut single that charted in the UK. The Steve Grimmett Band is a more recent project, with Grimmett backed by Ian Nash, Chaz Grimaldi and Pete Newdeck.


Grimmett came back from America promoting his international band 'GrimmStine' which includes Grimmett on vocals, Steve Stine on guitar, Hat on bass and Dave Johnson on drums. Their self-titled debut album was released in 2008.


Grimmett recorded a music video in conjunction with a commercial for Garmin that aired during the 2007 Super Bowl XLI.


Now with The Sanity Days he has recorded the finest of all his vocal capabilities on their debut album Evil Beyond Belief.





Chained and Desperate (1983)

Steve Grimmett

Steve Grimmett2

Grim Reaper

See You in Hell (1984)

Fear No Evil (1985)

Rock You to Hell (1987)




In Search of Sanity (1989)


"Let There Be Rock" (1987) (AC/DC cover) originally released on Music For Nations.

"Let There Be Rock" (1989) (AC/DC cover) re-recorded and released on London records.

"Welcome to Dying" (1989) London records.

"Shellshock" (1989) London records



Lionsheart (1992)

Pride In Tact (1994)

Under Fire (1998)

Rising Sons - Live in Japan 1993 (2002)

Abyss (2004)



Friction (2002)



Clash of the Titans (2005)


The Steve Grimmett Band

Personal Crisis (2007)



GrimmStine (2008)


Empires of Eden

Reborn in Fire (2010) - Featured vocalist


The Sanity Days

Evil Beyond Belief (2015)

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